Ahhm delivers a quiet, clean, undetectable radiant heating and cooling experience that one can control room to room.

The size of the team matters less than the amount of teamwork.

the team

Domenico Feo


Domenico Feo, 55 years old, is married with 2 sons and one daughter. He studied electrical engineering and physics. After founding Sunservice Srl in1997, he became a specialist in Radiant Heating for large warehouses. Domenico transformed the world of Radiant Heating and Cooling by founding NEST ITALIA in 2000, which has supplied controls and radiant systems for more than 5,000 projects. In 2011, NEST ITALIA was acquired by the Zehnder Group International. At the end of this amazing experience, Domenico decided to journey from his native Italy to California. It was there that, together with Bill Hayward, he founded Ahhm Radiant Systems LLC. Ahhm has pioneered several innovations in radiant heating and cooling technology, and continues to innovate in the sector of indoor climate experience.