Transforming radiant heating and cooling.

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A Revolution in Heating & Cooling your Home.

Say goodbye to the days of noisy, forced air systems blowing dusty air throughout your home and say hello to the quiet comfortable Ahhm system that provides heating, cooling, humidity control from room to room, and fresh air delivered by the luxurious Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilation System.

The pre-fabricated Ahhm radiant heating and cooling system kit provide all of the necessary parts for a complete system tucked away behind the materials of your walls and ceilings. Whether you are retrofitting your existing home or building your dream home, the Ahhm system provides superior comfort and delivers the best possible indoor air quality for occupants.

Ahhm transforms your indoor environment

Comfort is created by a pleasant microclimate in the environment, with temperatures not too high or too cold. A radiant Ahhm System (in ceiling or wall) is the smartest and most innovative solution for cooling as heating. The year-round solution always needs to be combined with a proper healthy ventilation system that will provide the best fresh air, properly dehumidified, in order to avoid any surface condensation risk. The best sensation of a Radiant Conditioning System is “no sensation”, as 360-degree immersion is the most natural state of human well being. The system does not force your perception of comfort, but naturally creates the best conditions to receive or release heat between our body and the envelope of our building.

Earth, water, humans and animals emit the very same radiation as radiant panels produce, therefore providing a safe source of heat. Once the panels are cooled by the cooler water flown inside, they are able to absorb the heat emitted by any indoor surface reducing the main surface temperature of the building. Our body will be then able to release the heat produced with a really fresh and natural sensation.